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E-mail: info@aeaofme.orgAlternative Education Association of Maine


AEA's Facebook Page 

The Alternative Education Association of Maine is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for alternative pathways for educating Maine’s students. Alternative education takes on many different shapes and forms throughout the state. Each district and each program is constantly adjusting to the needs of its students and community.

For all the differences in alternative education programs in Maine, there is one constant: the dedicated, creative, and caring professionals who run them.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF FRENCH - AATF American Association of Teachers of French


The American Association of Teachers of French, Maine Chapter, is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve the interests and needs of teachers of French and the teaching of French at all levels of instruction, and to foster interest in the French language, literature and culture.

This organization offers scholarships to both students and teachers and several workshops and conferences throughout the year at local, regional, national and international levels.

ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY EDUCATORS OF MAINE - ACTEM Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine



Annual Conference: October 10-11, Augusta Civic Center

ACTEM is the statewide, non-profit professional association for those involved with K-12 educational technology. ACTEM's purpose is to promote the incorporation of computers and related technologies in the educational process and to promote better communication among computer/educational technology educators. Toward these ends, ACTEM sponsors the MAINEducation Technology Conference each fall, meets quarterly, publishes a quarterly newsletter, recognizes up to two Educational Technology Teachers of the Year with a monetary award, hosts professional development activities and provides members with professional development grants. In addition, ACTEM pursues advantageous software pricing opportunities for its members.



ATOMIM's Facebook PageAssociaton of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine

Twitter: @mainemath

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine is a professional organization whose mission is to promote and support improved student learning of mathematics. ATOMIM provides and encourages participation in professional development for teachers that leads to equitable, effective, and quality mathematics instruction. ATOMIM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We sponsor a Spring Conference annually, offer regional professional development via our “dine and discuss” series, publish an electronic newsletter, and distribute information on state, regional and national math conferences.

ATOMIM has a grant program called: Grant Incentives for Teachers (GIFTs). These are meant to enhance either the classroom or the teacher’s practice. Potential uses for the GIFT may include, but are not limited to, purchasing materials for workshops, buying math games, expanding math clubs or leveraging other funds such as matching grants. Teacher stipends are not eligible expenditures and the GIFT funds should not supplant local funding of normally needed items. GIFTproposals may be fully or partially funded up to a maximum of $500. GIFT recipients must be members of ATOMIM. Application information and guidance can be found online at:

ATOMIM is affiliated with ATMNE (association of Teachers of Math in New England), NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), and NCSM (National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics). Individual membership is $20 annually.

Join online at:


Address: P.O. Box 207, Augusta, ME 04330


The Foreign Language Association of Maine (FLAME) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the study and use of world and classical languages and cultures. It also works to further the common interests of teachers, students and all others who use world languages in the State of Maine. FLAME is affiliated nationally with organizations such as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign languages (ACTFL) and the Joint National Committee on Languages (JNCL). FLAME holds an annual conference in the spring, as well as a Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) conference in the fall. It also offers professional development and networking assistance to teachers, businesses and post-secondary students. A resource directory is published each fall, and newsletters are published during the school year. A listserv is supported, as well. 

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