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Tier II

Tier 2, the start of intervention, begins with the 20-30% of students identified below expected levels.  However, Tier 2 may also begin for any student who falls behind expected levels of performance. 

An intervention is delivered in a small group targeted at specific needs. Each student receives the intervention while receiving the core instruction. Interventions are shorter than core instructional sequences and narrowly targeted to improve key skills learners need for success. 

For example, an expectation for all sixth grade students in September is to be able to read a short story and answer questions with accuracy.  If by this measure some students are struggling with questions requiring inference skills, they will continue with the class learning how to make meaning from text and work in a small group receiving targeted activities on making inferences.

This group will be measured by a short tool once a week to see if the strategy is improving the skill. If it is effective and the students catch up with peers, they drop out of Tier 2.

If the strategy is not working, another small group strategy is selected or a more intensive strategy is selected.  These intensive pieces of assessment, called Curriculum Based Measurement, become the data for determining if required services are needed in a special education setting.

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