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Student Learning Objectives

Take Charge of SLOs!

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) will be an important part of all educator evaluation systems in the coming years. MEA is looking for teachers who are interested in collaborating with other teachers in the creation of quality SLO that not only meet the requirements of the evaluation system but also help inform your teaching practice. This workshop will help you understand how to create SLOs, how they can be used to impact student learning, and how they fit into the teacher evaluation model. Dan Allen, TPD Director, will facilitate the workshop.

SLO's are best designed in collaboration with other teachers in your field. It is strongly suggested that you bring at least one other person from your school or district who is either teaching the same or a similar course. Members from small districts may find that difficult, so if you come alone, we will find members from nearby districts with whom you can collaborate. Sharing assessments and SLOs across districts can be very useful.

If you are interested in having a workshop please contact Dan Allen.

Looking for more resources?

Download the SLO template here

The Maine Department of Education has a great set of resources, which you can find here.


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