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K-12 FAQ

Q: Do you want a more in-depth look at what membership offers?

A: Take a moment to read our K-12 membership booklet which highlights everything from the extensive professional development opportunities available and the savings membership offers.

Also check out the MEA membership roadmap here.

Q: I am a new educator and on probation can I join MEA?

A: Membership is open to all educators from teachers in their first day on the job to veterans. Everyone can and should join the MEA. While the MEA cannot provide the same job retention protections for probationary teachers, the MEA can still offer things like the best in the state professional development opportunities, a voice in public education policy and the opportunity to be a leader in education in your community.

Q: How much does membership cost?

On average, membership costs $20-25 per pay period for a teacher. Your dues provide you with the full resources of your local Association, MEA, and the National Education Association (NEA). Your membership gives you access to a nation-wide network of fellow educators, professional development opportunities, classroom resources, and a say in education policy.

In addition to the professional resources and support membership provides you with multiple discounts ranging from local golf courses and ski resorts to discounts on your cell phone plan and your car or homeowner’s insurance with nationally recognized companies. For more information on the discounts please go to MEA Member Benefits and NEA Member Benefits.

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