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Our Bottom Line Budget

Time is running out to find a balanced solution to the budget issue in Augusta.  The MEA believes strongly the way to grow Maine's future is through education.  With that thought, MEA hopes to achieve success with the following ideas and we ask that you join us to help make these proposals a reality. Please take a moment to contact your legislators (click to get their email addresses) and let them know the following:

It is time to repeal the tax cuts to the wealthy which will give the state an additional $400 million.  That money will go a long way in helping fund our schools and essential state programs to help Maine's middle class.  With that money we can:

  • Fund local schools at the bare minimum, as defined by the "Essential Programs and Services" formula. This formula defines the minimum funding necessary to provide a basic education to Maine children.  We still would fall hundreds of millions of dollars short of funding schools at the 55% level voters approved by referendum, but it is better than the Governor's budget that simply does not provide adequate education funding.  Additionally, the Maine Apprenticeship program should be restored.  All of this results in roughly $73 million more invested in education.
  • Prevent $54 million in cuts that would help our retirees young children and those in need of special services.
    Programs like the Medicare Savings Program, Drugs for the Elderly, General Assistance, restoration of funding for Head Start and child care subsidies are examples of the vital services we must protect. 
  • Prevent most of the property tax increases proposed in the Governor's budget which would among other things, prevent the $28 million shift of teacher retirement.

MEA believes to build a strong middle class in Maine, far more must be done to invest in education.  Please, let your legislator know public education is important and we must invest in our students and schools.

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