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Teacher Evaluation Training Sessions

Become a part of the evaluation process

A new law in Maine (LD 1858, 2012) requires all school districts to adopt new teacher evaluation systems that will result in an "effectiveness" rating for teachers and principals across the state. MEA is offering these important workshops for teachers in locations across the state to help teachers take charge of their profession through effective evaluation systems.

As a teacher, you must have a say in how you are evaluated, what the process looks like and what model is used for your evaluation. The workshops will teach you the key steps in having an active role in the process to ensure your evaluation is both fair and accurate.

The workshops are broken into two parts: Part 1 is Reflective Practice Evaluation; Part 2 is Local Association Action for Implementation. The training is relevant to all teachers regardless if your district is currently using an evaluation system. We encourage all teachers to attend both Part 1 and Part 2 of these workshops to make sure you are fully informed about the new systems and are prepared to take action in your school district. For session descriptions please see below.

Dates and Locations for Training Sessions

All meetings include dinner and will start at 4:30pm and end at 8:00pm. Mileage will be provided for MEA members.

Part 1: Reflective Practice Teacher Evaluation Systems

March 19 Saco
March 26 Caribou
April 2 Orono
April 9 Augusta

Part 2: Local Association Action for Implementation

March 28 Saco
April 4 Caribou
April 11 Orono
April 25 Augusta

To Register Please Contact: or 1-888-622-4418

Saco (by March 12th): Gail Poirier ex. 2501
Caribou (by March 19th): Dianne Leighton ex. 2400
Orono (by March 26th): Annette Sawyer ex. 2304
Augusta (by April 2nd): Sara Stratton ex. 2208

What will the sessions cover?

Part 1: Reflective Practice Teacher Evaluation Systems

In this workshop, we will explore how reflective practice evaluation systems work, with practical examples of rubrics for model core teacher standards and a discussion of how this form of evaluation can improve classroom practice to maximize student learning. Your district may already use one of the DOE approved systems such as Danielson, Marzano, and National Boards; this workshop will help you see your current system in the context of similar systems and connect it to the InTASC model core standards and the new law.

Part 1 will be facilitated by MEA President Lois Kilby-Chesley and MEA Deputy Executive Director Paul Hambleton. Both Lois and Paul are National Board Certified teachers who have been involved with the Maine Educator Effectiveness Council as part of the planning for implementation of the new law.

Part 2: Local Association Action for Implementation

The new law requires each school district to begin developing a new evaluation system for implementation by 2015-16. It is critical for local associations to be involved at the local level with the development, design and implementation of each district’s new system. Many important decisions will be made at this level that will impact the quality, fairness and equity of the new system. The training will focus on establishing Association involvement on the implementation and steering committees, including what the Association and representatives need to know and do to be effective.

Part 2 will be facilitated by C.J. Betit, MEA’s Director of Collective Bargaining and Research, and UniServ Directors from around the state. CJ and the UniServ Directors have developed model implementation guidance for leaders, negotiators, and members to ensure that the new systems are done right.

What should you do?

Come join us as we discuss how to make sure MEA member rights are protected through contract negotiations, and look at ways to make the system work for educators during the development, design and implementation through collaboration, local organizing, member advocacy, and professional development.

Download the Taking Charge of YOUR PROFESSION flyer to share with colleagues.

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