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Teacher Evaluations, Virtual Schools

Now that the legislative session is underway lawmakers are hearing from the public about everything from education funding to teacher evaluations. This week, more than 20 educators testified in front of representatives from the Department of Education with concerns over the rules to evaluate teachers.  Nearly all said they had issues with process calling for 25% of their evaluation to be based on student test scores.  The Department of Education says it will take the testimony into account as it considers making changes to the rules.  However, when asked by the media, Deb Friedman with the DOE refused to answer why 25% was the percentage being considered in the evaluation process.  The legislature has the final say as to what the rules for the evaluation process look like.  For more on the press coverage of the hearing please read:

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From the Portland Press Herald - Maine Democrats Take Aim At Virtual Charter Schools

"Five Democratic legislators – including the top-ranking lawmaker and the House co-chair of the education committee – propose either imposing a moratorium on approval of full-time virtual charter schools or banning them altogether.

The push represents a significant challenge to proponents of virtual charter schools, taxpayer-financed institutions through which students receive most or all of their education online, logging on from home computers. Democrats now control both houses of the Legislature, and several influential legislators are behind the measures.

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