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The Great Tax Shift

This week, Maine Education Association President, Lois Kilby-Chesley spoke out against the taxes imposed by the Governor and the 125th Legislature.  The comments came after the Maine Center for Economic Policy released a new report showing how the cuts transferred tens of millions of dollars to the wealthiest Mainers, while shifting the cost of things like education on to the middle class.MEA Speaks Out Against Maine Tax Shift

The MECEP report projects, because of the tax cut last year, 40% of Maine’s taxpayers will see an increase in their total state and local tax bill.

“The tax cut that benefits Maine’s wealthiest hurts our students, our schools, our teachers and local communities.  The Governor’s failure to fully fund education forces local taxpayers to make-up the difference between what the state should pay, and what the state actually pays. This is unacceptable. Voters mandated, years ago, that the state pay for 55% of the cost of public schools. That isn’t happening and the Governor and the 125th Legislature are instead shortchanging our students,” said Kilby-Chesley.

Complete copy of the MECEP Report

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