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2012 MEA Endorsed Candidates

The 2012 Elections will be here soon!  As you know the people elected to represent you in the State House in Augusta determine policy for public education, collective bargaining, school funding, public employee retirement, and a myriad of other things that affect you in a very personal way.  MEA has endorsed candidates in races around the state in order to inform members about who we believe will best serve public education.  Candidates were asked to fill out a questionnaire and MEA members met in June to discuss and make endorsement recommendations.  The MEA Board of Directors has acted on the recommendations.   Only those candidates who completed the questionnaire were considered for endorsement.  Please click here for a list of MEA Endorsed Candidates*.

*Endorsements in several races are still being determined.  If you have any questions about the endorsements, please contact Paul Hambleton, MEA Deputy Executive Director at or 207-622-4418.


Click for a list of MEA Endorsed Candidates.

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