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SAD 59 Madison ESP deflect subcontracting

When faced with a surprise proposal to subcontract their work, the 25 bus drivers and custodians in SAD 59 Madison turned to the community to broaden the school board’s discussion about the budget. The net result was an end to the subcontracting threat and a new three-year contract.

“This is huge for us,” said Suzanne Bassett, a custodian and vice president of the Madison Area EA (MAEA). “Six months ago we were talking about subcontracting; now we are good for three years.”

MAEA president Don Chillington describes the agreement as “an amicable agreement for this type of economy we are in.”

SAD 59 support professionals will keep their jobs; health insurance will remain at 100% of single subscriber; and, employees will receive step increases. New hires will contribute 15% of their single subscriber health insurance and be paid on a new wage scale that is five percent less than the current scale.

Scarborough is the latest school system thinking about throwing its loyal, hard working education support professionals under the proverbial bus in an ill-conceived idea to “save money.” Actually, privatization leads to a loss of quality, accountability, control, and personal contact with the students and community.

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