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Defending MEA's health insurance

LD 1326 Update: List of school districts that have requested their experience information

Christine Burke, Executive Director, MEA Benefits TrustThe 125th Maine Legislature passed a bill, LD 1326, that attacks and undermines the health insurance plans provided to active and retired educators by the MEA Benefits Trust (MEABT). MEA is holding meetings throughout the state urging local affiliates to oppose this raid and say “NO” to management’s attempts to fragment our plan.

At this session held in Kennebunk, MEABT Executive Director, Christine Burke (left) explained the potential of LD 1326 to increase employee costs and decrease benefits. She also defended the Trust plans by providing them with eight reasons why the MEABT plans are better than any of its competitors’ plans.

Defending MEA's health insuranceWhile LD 1326 may offer some initial attraction to a few schools, Burke warned against the old “bait and switch” approach that would inevitably lead to higher rates as school districts assume the high risk and high administrative costs of small insurance plans. MEABT has offered stable rates and high quality coverage for almost 60 years.

Defending MEA's health insuranceLeaders from southern Maine took the responsibility of defending educator plans very seriously. They know health insurance is a keystone to the financial security of their families and asked numerous questions about the impact of LD 1326. UniServ Director Judi Beverage assisted each local in evaluating the threat to their plans based on language in their contracts.


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