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About the MEA Committees

Four times each year members come to MEA’s Augusta headquarters to serve as volunteers on seven standing committees. It is their responsibility to develop and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the Association’s governance, budget, policies, and programs.

The standing committees are:
  1. Resolutions;
  2. Strategic Budget;
  3. Structure and Bylaws;
  4. Government Relations;
  5. Human, Civil Rights, and Cultural Affairs;
  6. Instruction and Professional Development;
  7. and Statewide Bargaining
The Judicial Board and ad hoc committees meet as needed.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact MEA President Lois Kilby-Chesley at

Shown at the committee meetings on Oct. 22 are: Cathy Geren and Matthew McDade on Human, Civil Rights, and Cultural Affairs; Kristen Sims on Government Relations; and Joan Wentzel on Statewide Bargaining.

Legislative Action

Locate your state and congressional representatives and share your views through our CyberLobby program.

MEA Benefits Trust

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